Mobility Scooters

The Tubby Tyre Scooter Company is pleased to have introduced a new programme of bespoke mobility scooter builds.  Based on 3 wheeled versions for added stability, our new mobility scooters are built specifically to our customers exacting requirements.

We built the scooter shown in the images for a customer who wanted to be able to transport his manual wheelchair and have somewhere to put his shopping – hence the rack on the back and the large box.  He also wanted everything to be in a moody black, but any colour is available.  This was his specific request, you may have a different requirement.

His previous forms of transport were either by taxi, bus or by his electric wheelchair which had a top speed of 3-4 mph – this trike now sees him whizzing around town at speeds up to 28 mph giving him complete freedom to get out and do his own thing without having to rely on other people and the challenges and limitations of public transport.

All our scooters are completely road legal- each tested by the DVSA and registered through the DVLA.  They come with 12 months free servicing and 12 months warranty – and frankly they’re far cooler than regular mobility scooters !

We appreciate different disabilities affect people in different ways, therefore our scooters might not be for everyone – however we’ll do our best to create a bespoke built version to accommodate as many rider requirements as possible.

Riders need either a full car licence or a provisional licence which must show ‘AM’ on the approved vehicles list.  Riders may need to undertake a CBT course – this is if they passed their UK car driving test after 31/01/2001.  Here is a link to a breakdown to make it easier to understand: Click here to download


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