Please see our frequently asked questions below. If you still have any unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Are your scooters legal on UK roads ?

Yes, both ‘The Basic One’ and ‘The One Everyone Wants’ are supplied tested and registered for you to use on UK roads.

Can anyone ride your scooters ?

Off-road, yes, however for legal use on the road, the rider will need to be 16 years or older, they will need to have completed a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course (if necessary), they will need a crash helmet and they will need motor insurance.

I’ve seen some similar scooters on the internet called ‘Citycoco’ what’s the difference ?

Only Tubby Tyre Scooters are tested by the DVSA for legal use in the UK. Please be careful buying alternative similar looking scooters which are untested.

Where can I get motor insurance for a Tubby Tyre Scooter ?

We recommend you visit: www.bikesure.co.uk/G4276 for your motor insurance requirements.

How long will it take for my scooter to arrive ?

It will take around 6 weeks from order to delivery. We will deliver your new scooter directly to your door – providing you are on the UK mainland.

I don’t live on the UK mainland ?

No problem, we’ll talk and agree a small price for delivery – just to cover ferry costs and accommodation if necessary.

Can you do a custom build ?

Yes, of course. If there is something you specifically require, please contact us and we’ll put together a proposal.

Do you offer warranty ?

Yes. We’re incredibly passionate about producing quality products, therefore we will provide 12 months warranty (*please see detailed terms of warranty cover)