Since when has it been cool to be tubby ?

Well….  since 2018 when we formed The Tubby Tyre Scooter Company. We sell the UK’s coolest road-legal electric scooters.

Characterised by their oversized ‘Tubby’ tyres, our scooters are built to order and individually certified road-legal by the DVSA. They all come with a full peace-of-mind care package, including 12 months warranty and on-going maintenance support.

Each of our models has something for everyone. Off-road, road-legal, all-singing all-dancing with ultimate personalisation options – we’ve definitely got the right model for you.

The UK's Coolest Road-Legal Electric Scooters


Why not make the first move and contact us to arrange a test ride.  If possible we’ll bring our demo scooter over to you for you to see and try.



Making it personal.  We build our scooters to order and will be very pleased to build your scooter to your exact requirements.  We can make it as head-turning as you like.


Which 'one' is the model for you ?

The ‘No-Road’ One

Maybe you have an estate, a farm, a campsite, a large expanse of land, or simply, you plan to use your Tubby Tyre Scooter in a way that will never take you on the public highway.

If this is the case, the ‘The No-Road One’ allows you to take advantage of a version without paying for all the essential road-legal components. The result… a lower priced Tubby Tyre Scooter, that is fun, excitement and riding pleasure.




you can choose to either….


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– OR –

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The ‘Basic’ One

So, if you’re heading for the open road, you’ll be pleased to know that ‘The Basic One’ has been manufactured beyond the standards that certify it to be fully UK road legal.

In terms of specification, it has all the basics including hydraulic disc brakes. It’s powerful electric motor will accelerate you to a top-speed of 28mph, allowing you to look as cool as you like as you scoot along to your destination.




you can choose to either….


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– OR –

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The ‘Special’ One

The ‘Special’ One is a personal statement on wheels.  You choose from numerous intriguing frame colours and stand right out from the crowd.  This model Includes a striking-standout headlight with a ‘V’ shaped LED DRL, a sprung saddle, cow-horn handlebars, a USB charger, and of course, it’s fully road-legal.

Get yourself the coolest looking road-legal electric scooter on the planet !  Seriously…. what’s not to like ?




you can choose to either….


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– OR –

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The ‘Golf’ One

… also known as The ‘Fairway’ Edition

We have introduced our new ‘Fairway’ Edition golf scooter designed and engineered with the golfer in mind. This 3-
wheel version has a specification that will appeal to golf clubs and golfers a like.

The scooter is powered by a 2000W motor, it also has 2
batteries ensuring it is more than capable of two rounds of the course between

From £2,795


The ‘Mobility’ One

Why do mobility scooters look, well a little underwhelming and embarrassing…. And let’s be honest, really UNCOOL ?

Based on a 3 wheeled scooter for stability, we can build a mobility scooter specifically to your bespoke requirements.

Think of the freedom…. the chance get to get out and about at speeds of up to 28 mph without having to rely on other people and the challenges and limitations of public transport.

From £2,795


100% 5 Star Customer Reviews

The tubby tyre bike is brilliant……so much fun.The customer service has been excellent from start to finish.They let you test drive the bike firstI can highly recommend this company..

Gail Rudlen

Fantastic communication and product. My scooter has been my companion throughout lock down in the Republic of Ireland. Perfect for West Kerry roads and scenery. Not to mention parking, would highly recommend. Great after service as well; makes you feel part of the team.

Ellie Roberts


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The best service possible, supplied 2 and 3 wheeler scooters with multiple follow ups to answer all questions and service the units- thanks Steve and Tubby Tyre Team!

James Norris


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